What is Sea Otter and why is it important to the Aussie Bike Scene?

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The why is to build the Australian riding scene. Rather than complain that our industry is ‘small’ or ‘shrinking’, we will make the scene bigger, get more eyes, get more exposure, get more brands outside bikes interested and we’ll make bikes bigger than ever.

We have the best riders in the world. We have some of the best tracks in the world. Traditionally, we haven’t had that reputation, but we are going to fix that.

Our goal is to connect the cycling industry with a bigger audience and show every town, city or suburb in Australia it should have trails and pump tracks and should encourage riding. The Eurobodalla region will show the immeasurable economic effect of building world class trails.

The Rocky Trail Academy program encourages young riders to love bikes – over 3,500 participants lined-up on Fridays at start lines with us for “a (more) awesome school day out on rocky trails” in 2023. With Rocky Trail Entertainment last year, we have had over 11,000 starters all up across our Superflow®, pump track, cross-country and endurance races, including the new Effervelo Gravel Ride. It has motivated us and we have set our eyes on a much bigger stage.

We are going to bring the biggest brands to Australia and have some of the newest tech, newest products and biggest riders in a ‘participation first’ event.

The original Sea Otter Classic event in California is now the largest bike festival in the world, with over 70,000 people attending each year in the US. It has a huge presence in Europe.

Everything will be built for everyone to enjoy. Races will be open to public entry, and we’ll have everything, from steep techy DH to XC to Enduro to Flow trails (130km of trails will be running by the time the event kicks off).

Via the Sea Otter network, we’ll hold a business summit, and connect all industry with the larger international bike industry. The expo will be the largest in Aus. We intend to be the largest trade show that has ever been in Australia with a dedicated industry networking day.

Yes, our goals are big. Yes, the Australian bike scene deserves it.

None of this, of course, happens by accident. The management team here at Sea Otter Australia has been grinding, pushing and advocating for many years for this event to come to Mogo. Anyone that has done an event of any size realises the countless meetings and time it takes to get a huge array of stakeholders to sign off on a project.

Their vision has been driven by a passion for cycling and the appreciation of nature. Rocky Trail’s mission is simple: get people on bikes. They have been doing it by advocating to increase trail-based activities with the goal to enable and initiate the creation of sustainable whole-of-community benefits. It’s what they live for.

Its been a huge undertaking so far, but we are only getting started!

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