All In for Sea Otter Australia: Rocky Trail Makes a Big Move

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Rocky Trail Entertainment, the team behind some of Australia’s leading mountain bike events, has made a big commitment to Sea Otter Australia – and the NSW South Coast. We’ve officially set up shop in Batemans Bay, putting ourselves right in the heart of the action, just a pedal stroke away from the soon-to-be-unveiled Mogo Trails network.

This strategic move wasn’t just about convenience. As the Principal Project Contractor for the Mogo Trails with our Rocky Trail Destination division, being fully immersed in the community during these crucial lead-up months to Sea Otter Australia is key.

A Legacy of Events, A Focus on Destinations

Founded in 2008, Rocky Trail Entertainment has become one of the driving forces in Australian mountain biking. We have been organising gravity enduro Superflow®, cross country endurance and marathon events as well as schools competitions with our Rocky Trail Academy along the East Coast, attracting thousands of riders and generating over $4 million in tourism revenue for host regions annually.

But our passion extends beyond the race course. Rocky Trail Destination is the culmination of that experience, focusing on project management and building mountain bike destinations that cater to riders of all levels. We’re leading the Mogo Trails project with key construction partner Next Level Mountain Bike.

Connecting the Mogo Trails to the World

Our vision for Sea Otter Australia is simple: connect the Mogo Trails to the world stage. We saw the potential in this region and knew it was the perfect place to activate these incredible trails with world-class events – like Sea Otter Australia

Our design goes beyond one-off spectaculars. We want the Mogo Trails to become a permanent fixture, woven into the fabric of the community. Sea Otter Australia isn’t just about spectators; it’s about participation, showcasing the industry, and getting people out on bikes.

Building a Community, Not Just an Event

Sea Otter Australia aligns perfectly with the NSW South Coast’s vision for a resilient community. We’re not here to dominate, but to contribute and provide opportunities. This isn’t just an event – it’s a chance to create a global legacy with roots firmly planted in Australia.

With the last few years creating the biggest separation ever between riders, brands, shops, athletes and products, things need to change. Brands need real life humans, not just scrolling thumbs. Our solution with Sea Otter Australia: delivering a hybrid industry-and-consumer-trade-show.

A Deep Commitment to the NSW South Coast

We secured the rights to organise Sea Otter Australia for a decade, aiming to make it the premier cycling event in the Southern Hemisphere. Imagine: the best of bike racing, industry showcases, demos, and trail adventures all packed into one epic week in October 2025.

This move to Batemans Bay signifies our deep commitment to the NSW South Coast. We believe it has the potential to be a world-class mountain bike destination, and we’re excited to be a part of its vibrant community and contribute to its growth.

Be a part of it

If you are a brand or product owner – or a local business – right now, you will feel the judgment of your offerings based solely on price, not your R&D, not your contribution to community and not your superior product.

Get in touch with us – by holding Sea Otter Australia on the Mogo Trails, we’re aligning with a forward-thinking community that’s shaping the future of outdoor recreation. Businesses will have a unique opportunity to connect with a passionate audience of outdoor enthusiasts and tap into the region’s thriving tourism market.

We’re making an event, a huge one, one that lots of people that ride bikes of all sorts will want to come to and race, ride, demo, spectate, network, learn and shred. Brands can come and actually meet people, the expo will actively promote the sale of products. You can connect with humans and let them know why your brand is a important one in Australia. Best of all, we have a long run up.

Time to make plans reality. Lets work together to engage riders, to make sure people care.

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