A bold vision with a clear mission

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Building on Rocky Trail’s legacy of epic adventures and the global Sea Otter brand, the Sea Otter Australia vision is to ignite a passion for exploration and discovery in families and communities.

Sea Otter Australia envisions itself as a premier cycling festival in the Southern Hemisphere, fostering a thriving, diverse and inclusive cycling community.

We will be championing diversity and exploration through cycling events and experiences that celebrate nature, foster connection, and empower everyone to discover their own adventure. Promoting an active and healthy lifestyle, we’re building inclusive cycling experiences that connect families, strengthen communities, and inspire a lifelong love for the outdoors, fostering a sense of adventure, belonging, and well-being, leading to richer, more fulfilling lives.

Our mission statements are clear, concise, bold, and we aim to change the Australian landscape

We truly think bikes, riding bikes with people, being outside, and exercising, are imperative, for everyone. We are focused on creating a community that values and supports individuals from all backgrounds. From economic status, to differing abilities, to the many cultures of Australia, our emphasis is to foster an environment where everyone feels welcome, respected, and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives and talents. We are equally committed to minimising our environmental impact at every stage, from research and development to careful future planning.

With this flagship event on the NSW South Coast we will create a vibrant marketplace that hosts a major consumer tradeshow and deliver world-class racing and engaging experiences. The Sea Otter Australia Summit aims at creating a leading platform for advocacy and knowledge exchange in the trail-based and outdoor activity markets. We will drive industry growth and contribute to a significant growth of the regional visitor economy across NSW, the South Coast – and beyond.

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